Hi! I'm James
I’m James, the owner and lead photographer and content creator at Photo Feaver.

Specialising in weddings, portraits and event photography. I've been a photographer ever since I picked up my first camera at the young age of 12. But I've been a professional photographer since 2019.

As a pro photographer, I'm sure you would expect me to be geeky about the technical stuff. And you’d be right, I love everything about photography, including being passionate about the gear and sharing my enthusiasm through video tutorials online. Nothing is more exciting than the new camera being released.

Wedding photography is much more than getting the “perfect shot”. It's all about making the day memorable for you and capturing what you feel and the emotions and the memories that bring with it.

Here's a bit more about me...

Me, at the Photography Show 2021

Photo Feaver
I started my YouTube channel back in 2019. Called "Photo Feaver" it's all about Photoshop, Lightroom tutorials, and everything photography related. My goal is to help and inspire other photographers along their creative journey to be the best photographer they can be!

As of May 2022, the channel has over 19,000 subscribers.

My View from the Reputation tour in London.

Taylor Swift
It was October 2012. The song "22" came on the radio. Singing along, I thought "what a catchy song". At that age, I wasn't massively into music. That all changed after I got home and researched who came up with that catchy song. Ever since then I have been a "Swiftie". In 2017 I was lucky enough to get tickets to her Reputation tour in London. Now I own every vinyl copy, CD and digital version of all of her albums (including including her re-released versions). 

I'm now just waiting for the day I can finally meet her in person.

Me, taking a break at Glacier point.

Yosemite National Park
They're not too many places that I visited that have taken my breath away. But you Yosemite national park is by far one of them. It was by far the most breathtaking place I have ever visted. Last time I visited was in 2019, but I'll be going back shortly to take in the amazing landscape once again.

You are planning on visiting, I recommend visiting Glacier Point